Bargain Boxes!

Mon Apr 1 20:11:50 EST 2002
I picked up some nifty looking boxes today. They are each made by Northeast Electronics, two of which also say Northern Telecom on them, who at some point purchased the company.

Northeast Electronics Model TTS-59C: Universal Sender.

This is basically a blue box, in a blue box!

Here is a great Larry Lippman post to usenet mentioning this model!

Northeast Electronics Model 2763 DP/MF/DTMF Signaling Display.

Seems to be a tone detector.

Northeast Electronics Model TTS-26B.

Seems to be pulse dial sender/receiver and rate tester.

As mentioned in the sub-pages, for two of these boxes it looks like I will need a 48V DC power supply, I suspect at 1 amp. I found a reference to such a thing on this site by Proctor and Associates. However, that one there is definitely too expensive for me.

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