Bargain Item 3: Northeast Electronics Model TTS-26B

The third 'bargain item' was the most expensive at $25 cdn. It was again by Northeast Electronics, but this time, no mention of Northern Telecom on the device proper, although there are some stickers tacked on (calibrated some time in 1982). Maybe this device predates Northern Telecom's purchase?

Interesting to note also, above the big needle is a 'last calibrated' sticker. Seems this was last checked in 1991. Surprisingly recent, I'd say.

Here's the box. This was the heaviest of the three.

The reason is that both the top and bottom have gear in them, and no room to store your cables. The top piece has a full rotary dial wheel, and the bottom piece has a nice big meter. Lots of switches and dials.

Here's a look at the bottom half.

And here's the top.

A better angle of the top. The rotary piece has an adaptor so that it hooks into the bottom half. Looks like you could use it to dial a phone pretty easily...

Back to the bottom. You can see where the adaptor plugs in.

Right hand side of the bottom half has some cool switches..

Here's the big dial. That's 'pulses per second' I'd guess. Most of this aparatus looks like you're testing the timing of pulse-dial senders and receivers.

Scanning the bottom we have most of the interface.

Inputs for loop signalling and E&M signalling...

And the bad news, this one also (like box 1) takes a 48V power supply.

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