Bargain Item 1: Northeast Electronics Model TTS-59C: Universal Sender

The top of the case of this sucker indicates it is a bargain item!

It's something from Northern Telecom, pretty old, with a Bell Canada sticker too.

Oh yeah, here's the box. It's nice and 'portable'. Pretty light too.

It folds open into two halves. The bottom has cool buttons and switches. The top is an opening compartment!

The first box I've ever seen to have a 2600hz button!!

And a reet phreaker pad!

The top is a row of 1/4" inputs, the last on the right is for the power, 48V DC (on a 1/4" ?). I think I need something like this to power the thing.

Notice the green wink light!!

Lots of cool outlets to go to the line, or to a handset, etc.

The bottom row is switches.

Coooool switches.

And then the power switch with a fuse.

A glimpse at the crazy cables to be found in the top compartment!

One of the cables is marked 'bad'. :(

Another is marked 'power', but the other end of this one is just some stripped wire...

We unscrewed the component and found out it's quite self-contained. The box behind this piece is empty!

Pretty crazy stuff on the bottom! Oldschool!

Those switches are hardcore...

Screwing it back in... :)

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