Bargain Item 2: Northeast Electronics Model 2763 DP/MF/DTMF Signaling Display

Ok I lied. This one isn't a 'bargain item' like the last one, this one just says 'misc equipment'.

This one also is a nice, carryable case. It's slightly heavier than the last one. It also says Northern Telecom and Bell Canada on it.

This one seems to be a tone detector of sorts. A bunch of inputs at the bottom, as well as a normal PC-style power connector. I plugged it in and it seems to be in working order, although I haven't hooked a line up to it and played tones. The big black strip is where the LED digits are.

Speaker on the left hand side. Nice buzz comes out when the thing is on. Volume bar for each line (L1, L2) individually.

Cute LEDs for each of the frequencies needed for DTMF and MF.

The other side has all the signalling tones, with a little key for what the display will show when you send a wink and stuff (I'm assuming anyway).

Here's the main set of buttons and some useful LEDs.

The 'min pulse width' dial goes from 15 to 99 on the LED display when the thing is powered on. I'm assuming that's in ms.

The top compartment again holds some oldschool cables.

And here's the unit with the top compartment open.

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