sipredirect: A Simple SIP Redirect Server

by Billy Biggs <>

I wrote a very small SIP redirect server in perl so friends could call me at and have it forwarded to my phone. In the future, I want to add a quick dialplan config file. Maybe support for REGISTER, but I'm honestly not so interested.

To use sipredirect, first edit these two lines at the top of the file:

my $contact = "Billy Biggs <sip:billy\@>";
my $localhost = "";

The contact line indicates where the server will redirect INVITE requests. The localhost line must be changed to indicate the name of the server running the script (needed to bind the socket).

There are some compliance issues that I need to fix.

  1. We reply to the sending host and post instead of listening to the topmost Via.
  2. We don't handle line folding of headers.

If you have a client that breaks our code let me know, it will give me more reason to clean up my act.

sipredirect 0.2

Source distribution:

  1. sipredirect-0.2.tar.gz